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Fashion Photographers in Delhi

Fashion is one of the most vibrant and exhilarating areas of professional photography.  Amit Chhabra is a fashion photographer in Delhi, India. His work has been described as Classic, romantic and clean. He has photographed 1000’s of models and helped them build their fashion portfolio’s in the US and UK.

In India, Amit primarily focuses on children and newborn photography. However, on rare occassions, he does take up fashion projects for models interested in building their portfolios.


Fashion Photographers in Delhi

What is fashion photography?

Fashion photography is more than a photo. When done successfully it embodies the whole fashion atmosphere of the moment
and portraits the mood of the time in the best way.

Production wise, its certainly not an easy thing, think a whole HUGE production team working behind the scenes (hair & make up people, fashion stylist, creative team, etc)

Good fashion photography is more like a short film, it needs an atmosphere and a dream, a concept that evolves, originality and good co-ordination between a whole team of creative people.

The first traces we have of fashion photography date back to 1856, the year in which Adolphe Braun created a photo-book for Virginia Oldoni, a noblewoman of the court of Napoleon III, who was the first model in history to be portrayed in official clothing. The first fashion magazines created were Harper’s Bazaar (1867) and Vogue (1892) that originally used images and sketches of illustrators (like Christian Bérard and Georges Lepape), because couturiers didn’t trust photographers, fearing losing the exclusivity of their creations. The first fashion photographer was probably Baron Adolphe de Meyer, hired by Condé Nast in 1913 to shoot experimental pictures for Vogue: the images represented portraits of aristocrats, actresses and models wearing their usual clothing.