Dear Parents,

The labor & birth of your child are some of the most precious moments of your life…and worth being preserved.

Birth photography will make the incredible journey through labor & delivery a story that endures. Birth photography captures your unique labor & delivery story so that you can revisit these first extraordinary moments for the rest of your life. We approach birth in a photojournalistic way, telling the story through images without being intrusive in the process. We are careful to capture tasteful & beautiful images, so there is no worry about your modesty or privacy. Please ensure you have read our FAQ prior to making a booking.

Due to the nature of the session

1. While we do provide an approximate number of the images we take in the package, we cannot guarantee a certain number of images because birth is unpredictable. Our goal is to creatively and honestly capture the story of your birth and those first few moments with your new baby

2. We may get anywhere from a few seconds to a few minutes to photograph these moments

3. We are limited to the guidelines of the hospital policies. If the hospital / doctor feels that the photographer cannot take pictures, such a request shall be adhered to

4. We may not be allowed to photograph certain cesarean sections (where the doctor prohibits us from taking pictures).

5. Birth Photos that include blood are given in black and white due to the sometimes graphic nature of birth photography. Black & white images help you focus on the emotion & love in the photo and not on the graphic nature of birthing.

6. We use specialised camera equipment that allows photography in low light conditions. Low-light photography is characterised by an amount of image noise or grain. The amount of noise is dependent upon the amount & quality of light in the birth space. The lighting conditions inside an OT/LDR/inRoom do vary. Certain rooms provide extremely hard light while others provide flat light. The objective with birth photography is not to capture the most technically correct image (the hospital is not an environment where lights can be controlled or altered for the purpose of photography). The objective with Birth Photography is to use the existing light to the best of our abilities & to capture the emotion & the events as they happen.

7. Clients accept that the spontaneous and unpredictable nature of birth means that the extent of coverage & images produced during a birth will be dictated by the events of the day and how things proceed. As a result, there is no guarantee to either the quantity of images or the ability to capture any particular image

8. Usually the hospital / doctor allows the photographer to stand in one space only during labour. We may or may not be allowed to move. Given this there is no guarantee on the angles of the images as we may have very restricted space to during the LDR shoot

9. The birth photography images are sent you within a week from the date your payment is received

10. We do not courier or deliver any products. Print products can be picked up from our studio once ready.

11. Prop & setup based shoots are between days 9 and 14 of birth and are not included in the hospital packages.

The objective of hospital photography (birth and in-room picture) is to capture the story of birth as it happened; the images are not altered, photoshopped, or edited to keep the images as real as possible. 

We like to arrive when our client is in active labor. When you reach the hospital please keep us periodically posted so that we can be there as soon as you are in active labor.

It is against the law to photograph any nudity, even during labour. We will capture images only where there is no nudity

By submitting this form, you grant Shipra & Amit Chhabra Photography and their associates’ permission to photograph your delivery