Dear Parents,

The birth of your child are some of the most precious moments of your life…and worth being preserved. The 7-Day shoot is a prop based shoot with 2 backdrop & prop changes that aims at preserving these memories for you

Terms & Conditions

  • You grant Shipra & Amit Chhabra Photography and their associates’ permission to photograph your child.
  • A flash light will be bounced off the wall/celling to photograph your newborn. This light will cause no harm to the child. If you have any questions about this, please speak with us prior to the shoot.
  • The digital images will be provided to you in JPEG format with 2048 pixels on the long side. The file size is approx 2mb. Camera RAW images are not provided.
  • Images are provided without any logos or watermarks
  • The edited images are provided to you in full resolution.
  • Soft copies will be delivered to you via Google Drive / Dropbox / WeTransfer to your email ID. You will need a computer to download these files as these files could tend to be fairly large in size.
  • You will need to select the images for editing. We will send you the original images from the shoot, following which you will select and provide us with the image numbers for editing (as per your package)
  • The editing list cannot be altered once the images are edited. Our editing is outsourced and there is a per image cost to editing. We encourage you to take your time to select the images as once the editing is done, the image selection cannot change

What is included in retouching

  • Our photo retouching process is limited to the following
    • Color Correction
    • Light Correction
    • Basic Skin Retouching
  • We do not make any changes to the appearance of the baby. This shoot is for a newborn baby and the idea is the capture the child as they were when they were born
  • Basic skin retouching only includes removing any blemishes or redness or spots that may have been caused post birth.
  • No changes are made to the hair or to the newborn skin which may include vernix (white substance found coating the skin of newborns)

Processing Timeline

  • Within 1 week of the shoot or receipt of full payment, whichever is later, you will receive the original images.
  • One you select the images you want edited, the editing process will take 2 weeks
  • Once the edited images are approved for printing, the product is ready within 10 days